True beauty conforms to mankind’s deep nature.
The closer we come to our ultimate nature, the more we discover the inner beauty we all have.

Matthieu Ricard · Buddhist Teacher

Photo by Ferdinand Reuss

My Childhood in Africa

My interest in the natural world took root during my childhood in Africa. I remember the smells, the tastes, the colors, the street life, and the assorted creatures wandering in and out of doors. I remember playing at the trunk of a big tree with my brother, creating our own little world among the roots.




I began to study the healing properties of plants and I learned about the Baobab — the big tree from my youth — and the many uses its leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds are put to by the locals.

In Africa, the Baobab is a symbol of resilience, magnificence, strength, and renewal. A single tree will be harvested by many generations.


Magical Ingredients

JUJU means magic among some West African peoples, and to me, the Baobab is exactly that. Using different parts of the tree, I started mixing creams and scrubs at home in my kitchen. Working with these magical ingredients opened a new dimension of the natural world for me. I tested the formulas on myself, and my skin started to glow.


See Cynthia use JUJU

I made JUJU for everyone, so we would not have to cover, color, and scent ourselves, disguising our individuality. These products care for our skin, enhancing the unique and subtle beauty in all of us.